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Green Leaves

Communication Coaching for Individuals


  • Understand your own needs and the needs of important people in your life.


  • Cultivate more compassion toward yourself and others


  • Transform anger before it leads to the behavior you will regret


  • Get empathy and learn how to give empathy to others


  • Reclaim the power to live a fulfilling and meaningful life

Communication Coaching for Couples


  • Deepen your emotional connection

  • Transform judgment/criticism into understanding and compassion

  • Express your needs without demands, guilt or shame

  • Listen so your partner is really heard

  • Heal old pain

  • Get to the new level of understanding and intimacy

We offer individual sessions (by phone, Zoom or in person) or sessions together with your partner.

How is communication coaching is different from therapy?

            Instead of labeling and diagnosing the problem, you will be learning the skills to help you create deeper connection with your partner. You will experience how it feels to be fully heard and you will learn how to express yourself in a way that supports more connection, understanding and compassion. You will also learn how to work on creating strategies together and how to find ways to meet both of your needs. These skills will support your understanding, learning and growth for many years to come.

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