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These resources, offered by different members of the NVC community, will enrich our personal lives and group efforts.

  • NVC Books and Products

  • An Inside Story: A Children's Book for Grown-Ups Too!  by Chris Hartstein and Leland Brigham

  • Heart to Heart: Three Systems for Staying Connected: A Manual for Parents and Teachers

  • Galloping Giraffe Enterprises - Makers of GROK feelings and needs card decks and magnets

  • The Empathy Labyrinth - Makers of the Empathy Labyrinth (of interest to trainers)

  • Center for Nonviolent Communication - The main international NVC organization

  • The Compassion Course - This is a year-long telephone and online opportunity to learn NVC, offered by Thom Bond of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication. Very low cost.

  • NVC Academy - Internet-based NVC learning and tele-classes with certified trainers.

  • NVC Academy Library - This is the place to gain exposure to a wide variety of different ways to learn and share NVC. We have over 1000 resources from more than 60 trainers and are adding new trainings all the time.NVC Wiki - Collaborative web site for recording information on NVC-related projects

  • The Exercise - Experience NVC by doing an on-line exercise

  • DC Peace Team - Active nonviolent trainers in Washington DC, facilitate workshops every month including nonviolent communication, active bystander intervention, and restorative justice circle processes.

  • - Heartful Families, a project of One Big Circle, for people who want to bring more heart to our human family.

Free Resources

For an immediate experience of the sort of shift that NVC can produce, try this online NVC exercise.

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