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These resources, offered by different members of the NVC community, will enrich our personal lives and group efforts.

  • The Compassion Course - This is a year-long telephone and online opportunity to learn NVC, offered by Thom Bond of the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication. Very low cost.

  • NVC Academy - Internet-based NVC learning and tele-classes with certified trainers.

  • NVC Wiki - Collaborative web site for recording information on NVC-related projects

  • The Exercise - Experience NVC by doing an on-line exercise

  • DC Peace Team - Active nonviolent trainers in Washington DC, facilitate workshops every month including nonviolent communication, active bystander intervention, and restorative justice circle processes.

  • - Heartful Families, a project of One Big Circle, for people who want to bring more heart to our human family.

NVC Books and Products

  • An Inside Story: A Children's Book for Grown-Ups Too!  by Chris Hartstein and Leland Brigham

  • Heart to Heart: Three Systems for Staying Connected: A Manual for Parents and Teachers

  • Center for Nonviolent Communication - Bookstore of the main international NVC organizationPuddleDancer Press - Publisher of NVC books. Offers some valuable free resources for sharing NVC

  • Galloping Giraffe Enterprises - Makers of GROK feelings and needs card decks and magnets

  • The Empathy Labyrinth - Makers of the Empathy Labyrinth (of interest to trainer

  • NVC Academy Library - This is the place to gain exposure to a wide variety of different ways to learn and share NVC. We have over 1000 resources from more than 60 trainers and are adding new trainings all the time.

Free Resources

  • Buddha and the Beauty of Needs

  • NVC World resource portal

  • Needs in different languages

  • Giraffe Juice children's book

  • An Inside Story-children's book and paperdolls

For an immediate experience of the sort of shift that NVC can produce, try this online NVC exercise.