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Cabbage Plant

One Big Circle.

Compassion. Connection. Community.

One Big Circle offers immersive learning experiences in Nonviolent Communication. Our lively and heartfelt events are facilitated by trainers certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication and are designed to help individuals integrate effective peacemaking and conflict resolution skills.

Family HEART Camp

Family HEART Camp is designed to equip families with skills to better resolve conflicts, and to build lasting, meaningful family connections. We provide opportunities for adults and children to learn NVC in settings that are conducive to their specific age, learning style and individual level of experience, combining a didactic approach with more experiential learning that includes fun and play.

Teach for Life

Teach for Life is a six day training in Nonviolent Communication for educational professionals. We provide classroom teachers and school administrators with effective approaches for integrating the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication into the classroom setting.

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