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Green Plants

Trainings for Organizations and Groups

Fostering harmony and mutual respect among groups.

Training programs for your organization:


  • Improve teamwork, efficiency and morale

  • Raise motivation and productivity of your employees

  • Resolve workplace conflicts quickly and effectively

  • Maximize the potential of all employees








                                                                             NVC classes and workshops can be offered                                                                                 in your community or to your                                                                                                       organization.There are several NVC leaders                                                                               in our area who would be interested in

setting up workshops and classes to introduce more people to this practice of compassionate communication and to support those who already are familiar with the basics.



Classes/workshop sizes can be from 10 to 100 people (or more!).

Please send us an email with your name and telephone number and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Are you interested in transforming your workplace in order to foster harmony and collaboration in order to be more effective?



Research into organizational effectiveness has demonstrated that the single most important factor in maximizing the excellence of a group’s product was the degree to which the members were able to create a state of internal harmony and reduce “emotional static” caused by the tensions or conflicts between the team members. The Transforming Workplace Communication program is designed to achieve just that. Participants will learn how to handle workplace disagreements and tensions so they don’t escalate; how to receive and deliver difficult messages; how to foster collaboration and teamwork and create win-win solutions that recognize and respect everyone’s needs and values. The program will also help to create community, comradeship and shared values within your organization.

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