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Palm Trees

There are a number of practices that Nonviolent Communication practitioners have found to complement their practice of NVC, including:

  • Focusing is a practice for processing emotional content through awareness of the "felt sense" of what is going on in one's body. Research and experience suggest that connecting to one's bodily experience offers a key to emotional transformation. See or read the book Focusing, by Eugene Gendlin. Inner Relationship Focusing is a flavor of Focusing that many find to be particularly powerful and helpful. It is oriented to supporting us in coming into better relationship with all the myriad things we find inside us. See

  • Inner Empathy as developed by Jerry Donnohue is a practice, somewhat like Inner Relationship Focusing, that supports self-integration and coming into better relationship with what we find inside ourselves. See

  • "The Work" of Byron Katie offers a helpful process for loosening the grip of fixed patterns of thought. See

  • HeartMath offers practices, which may be reinforced through biofeedback, that support one in becoming more peaceful and physically and emotionally balanced. Based on extensive medical research. See

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