Practicing "Ahimsa:" Nonviolence in Our Words and Hearts (Sep-Nov Series)

Thu, 09/17/2015 - 7:45pm - Thu, 11/12/2015 - 9:30pm

Thursdays - September 17-November 12, 2015: 7:45-9:30 PM

“The essence of ahimsa is non-violence of our own heart. The violence we inflict on each other is only the outward manifestation of the war raging inside ourselves, and it is only by stopping the war within that we can stop the war without. Violence is manifested in actions, in words, and in thoughts. We may consider ourselves non-violent people, but violence can work on very subtle levels. It has many disguises." Extract from a Gaiam article by Dorna Djenab.

•   Have you felt the weight of judgments, guilt, shame, anger, and fears and want to experience more love, freedom, and power in your relationships?

•   Are you longing to empower your communication and have your voice reflect your higher self to live a more authentic and fiercely loving You?

•   Are you wanting to connect more deeply with others or re-connect behind the surprising or hurtful words or behaviors?

•   Are you ready to engage in life owning your full power and that of others with equal care?

Join this highly experiential 8-week series - or get a taste at the intro - to uncover the gems behind hurtful words, behaviors, and habits and reclaim the relating you have been looking for.

We invite you to join us for an introduction and/or 8-week series diving deeper into the principles of nonviolence and empowered communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication™(NVC).

Used in international conflicts, mediation, and family or individual relationship support, NVC allows you to connect more deeply with your body and felt sense by learning new tools for noticing what is driving our thoughts, evaluations, and judgments. NVC is applicable to all relationships whether at home, at work, or with the larger world.

In the introduction, you will catch a glimpse of how a shift in perspective can enhance greater immediate compassion for yourself and others. Bring a recent situation or issue that you want to work on in this presentation and interactive group session.

In the 8-week series, you will learn how to connect with greater clarity and awareness to what motivates you and others behind words and actions, enhance your capacity to voice your true self, and empathically guess what may be precious to others, strengthen connection and trust, and explore the healing power of empathy on core beliefs and habits.

The series will present foundation skills in Nonviolent Communication through a mix of group coaching, presentation, group and dyad exercises, a buddy system, and journaling/exercises.

Introduction Workshop Alone: Thursday September 17, 7:45pm-9:30pm

Full 8-Week Series: Thursday September 17-Nov 12, 8 Thursdays (skipping Oct 8), 7:45pm-9:30pm

To Register:

All registrations will be processed directly by The Studio DC. If you have any questions, email mali at mali [at] core2coeur [dot] com


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About the Host/Facilitator

Mali Parke is an ICF Certified Coach focusing on Empowerment and Restorative Relating and a Candidate for Certification with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She loves to support individuals, families, youth, educators, and teams who are looking to live life from an inspired, joyful, and consciously empowered presence as well as improve relationships with more collaboration and a restorative approach to transforming conflicts. Mali offers workshops and one-on-one, family, and group coaching, using work and approaches from Nonviolent Communication, Leadership That Works Coaching, Restorative Circles, Peace-Making Circles, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Shadow Work, and more with a specific focus on parenting, education, partnerships, relationships, and individual empowerment.

Read more about Mali’s work and services at and She is a recurring contributor at the local DC area NVC organization, Capital NVC, as well as at the regional NVC community summer camp, Family HEART Camp.