Chris Hartstein

When I went to my first workshop, about three years ago, I was shocked by how challenging it was for me to listen in this new way. I immediately saw how practical and beneficial it would be for all my relationships.

I started using it with my teen daughter, and it has transformed our relationship 150%. My early attempts were rudimentary and awkward, yet the results were amazing. It brought a peaceful, accepting energy into our interactions that wasn’t there before.   

From the first time I used NVC, I saw the potential for change in myself and in others. I continue to learn as much as I can by reading, watching videos, taking online classes, and attending retreats. I especially appreciate the trainings given by Robert Gonzales, Miki Kashtan, and the parenting CD of Inbal Kashtan, which I have listened to over 100 times. I see myself as part of a like-minded community that isn’t afraid to feel and is actively looking for opportunities to connect deeply and compassionately with all people.